About Cribb & Hammer

Julie and Con Ryan decided to take their experience of working with furniture and join together as Cribb & Hammer in 2014.

Julie is knowledgeable and experienced with furniture - particularly colour, paints and paint effects.  She loves to share this practical knowledge through her regular painting furniture workshops.  Her past career in floristry and gift shop retail mixes well with her love of interiors, colour, fabric and paint.   

Con's 35 year carpentry and joinery career led him to restoring antique and contemporary furniture for customers.  He now focuses on repairing and restoring furniture, also designing and building bespoke storage solutions. He has an indepth knowledge of different types of wood and different finishing techniques.

Together they've collected many furniture pieces in the UK and across Europe on trips abroad - some of the pieces are hard to part with!

Cribb & Hammer Limited is a member of The Guild of Master Craftesmen.